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What we do

Welcome to Door to Europe Business

In Door to Europe we think that the African continent has a lot to offer; we also believe in fair trade between Africa and Europe.  We work together to create a life of prosperity for african companies and individuals by providing access to different markets in Europe.

We can all play a role in the future of Africa; in our case  we want to make a difference by opening doors in borders, allowing business to operate in the vast European market.

This is the connection point from Africa to Europe.

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Add Value

We support our customers so they can produce and sell finished, value-added products directly in Europe instead of just raw materials

Bring Knowledge

Connecting the bridge between Africa and Europe exposes the richness of knowledge, culture and traditions to people on both continents

Access to Markets

The European market has a potential of more that 700 million consumers.  When African citizens can sell their products abroad, possibilities expand

developing Communities

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Managing Director

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Back Office Manager Spain

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Strategic Partner

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OUR vision

Ida Dela Kuekey is a BSc. Biochemistry and MPhil. Food Science graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi and the University of Ghana, Legon respectively.  Ida is a young and passionate entrepreneur who started her food processing business in Ghana called Delfi Ventures with a subsidiary called De'Laugh Cacao-Choco Paradise. She is soon coming out with her personal brand of high quality artisan chocolates under the name De'Laugh Chocolates.

Ghana is one of the main cocoa producers in the world.  The team of Door to Europe is collaborating with Ida so she can sell her products directly in Europe.

Earning a living as an artist can be a challenge in any part of the world.  in Africa, the difficulties are amplified by the relatively few spaces and opportunities to show and sell work.  Door to Europe showcases the creativity and talent of talented young artists, expanding their audience and customer base across continents.  Art lovers in Europe now have direct access to some of the most promising artistic talent in Africa.




We support the communities where we operate through collaboration with leading NGOs and Foundations.  For that reason, we expect to bring Barraquer's Foundation ( during 2017 to Botswana.  In their vocation, the Barraquer Foundation provides free eye treatment to those who need it most.  

Door to Europe can also provide you residence permits for you and your family, creating a real bridge where you can travel, invest and operate without restrictions.  With Door to Europe you will have direct access to 26 countries in the European continent.


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Our clients

Botswana - Telf. +267 75903345

Spain - Telf. +34 638 745 773

Creating Prosperity

South Africa

Little pine tree is a social enterprise created in 2015 in Johannesburg.  It is a space where unemployed women from different backgrounds meet and learn a practical skill and earn their living in a dignified way.  Embracing culture and celebrating their identity, they create great quality hand toys that bring confort.

Katy Valentine brings you a collection of unique pieces handcrafted from a fusion of African and Indian elements. Antique trade beads from West Africa and gemstones from Jaipur are complimented by simple lines and translated into brass and sterling silver, with gold plated finishes.

Katy has always had an eye for detail and organic design. Growing up in a home where both parents were artefact traders, collectors and avid adventures, stood her in good stead as she pursued her passion for jewellery design.

The Katy Valentine Collection is inspired by Katy’s rich African heritage and the colors of India, resulting in unique pieces, which can be worn everyday. Each ring, necklace, bracelet or set of earrings tells a story about the blending together of diverse cultures and makers.

South Africa